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Let’s start the healthy habit of Morning breakfast with our Table Spoon and a delicious cereal

A stressbuster, A winter savior, and hot favorite drink called Hot Chocolate with our best seller Choco Lust Dessert Spoon.

Way of promoting A healthy and sustainable lifestyle, Salad served in a coconut shell with our yummy Spice Hunter Spork

Trishula’s eatable cutlery is the Revolution for “Use & Throw to Use & Munch”. Trishula’s eatable cutlery adds value to environmental impact and also improves customers’ gastronomical experience.
Is sustainability boring? Nah! Eatable cutlery creates the “Yummy” effect.
Yes, you can even eat the cutlery. It sounds fun, isn’t it? And they are also a perfect complement to any food. Just imagine eating a spoon after Salad, Soup Biryani, Dessert, eating a Straw after Milkshake, or eating a stirrer after Coffee and Hot Chocolate.
Plastic cutlery or wooden cutlery continues to generate waste. The eatable cutlery is a circular product, which is made up with product that comes from the earth and also returns to the earth.
“Don’t Throw it, Just Eat it”
Why Edible Spoon?
Why Edible Spoon?








Dessert Spoon

Dessert Spoon

Table Spoon

Table Spoon



Upcoming Product

Upcoming Product

What Clients Say.

The best thing I have ever had so far, means like the spoon you are using to eat your food, after completing it you can also eat this amazing flavoured spoon. Personally my favorite is the chocolate and vanilla flavor spoons. 😇it's good to have this kind of thing in food industry.

Vishwa Brahmbhatt

This product is very unique and also with so many different flavor in it. They are doing very good job for saving our earth from plastic. Their main motto is to save our environment from single use plastic

Chef Raymond Wong

I love the product so much. As I myself not fond of sweets and chocolates but when i heard about these products and then uniqueness of it I can’t resist myself and wanted to try it and the experience was amazing. Appreciate the idea and the hard-work


They manufacture best edible spoon. 1st time in india. the spoon which can be use as cutlery as well as food. One can eat the spoon too. very healthy , comes in 8 different flavour. your can order online from amazon.

Gautam Badhiwala

"We create products that make people happy."